About Us



2月 公司成立
5月 与爱奇艺达成全片库采购的战略合作
8月 成为CNTV供应商


2月 成为优酷供应商
6月 成为腾讯视频供应商
9月 成立版权运营部


3月 与广电、CMCC签署合作协议
6月 开创保底+分红模式
12月 合作方破纪录分红10万美元


1月 成为华为视频供应商
6月 成为芒果TV供应商
12月 年度最佳幼教机构、最具人气TOP10


2月 成为抖音、快手供应商
3月 融媒体认证金牌MCN机构
9月 荣获最佳人气儿童品牌


3月 版权库达到10,000小时
7月 合作方总分账突破1000万美元
12月 合作方创纪录分红10万美元


4月 认定为高新技术企业
9月 认定为AAA级信用企业


1月 从儿童咪咕站分拆
12月 CMCC收购,品牌升级为KidsFan


A corporate executive with both leadership and business acumen, she has been serving as the CEO of KidsFan since 2019. She graduated from the Communication University of China with a degree in Journalism and holds an MBA from the National University of Singapore. As a member of the Communist Party, she possesses extensive knowledge and practical experience in copyright law and media management. She also serves as a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), a member of an education association, and vice president of a copyright association.

Since taking office, she has led the company to significant achievements in copyrighted content, including a 300% increase in international content rights, significantly enhancing the company’s competitiveness in international markets. She also successfully doubled partners’ profits, demonstrating her exceptional leadership and business acumen.

With her profound expertise in copyright and education sectors, Rachel has earned an extremely high reputation within the industry. She is considered a key figure leading companies through digital transformation and expanding into international markets. Her accomplishments have not only brought substantial growth to KidsFan but also set benchmarks for the entire industry.